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For the Love of a Carrier...

Community for the Fic, Honor~Cherish~Love

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:For the Love of a Carrier...
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Community description:This is the Community for the fic, Honor~Cherish~Love
This is the site for my trilogy, Honor~Cherish~Love, a story I have been working on for some time now. The version here, particularly chapters 1-116 of Honor have been lightly rewritten before being posted here.

This is a story written for the Harry Potter Universe/Fandom. This story, written with the creative assistance of Calanor, follows an adult theme. This includes scenes of heterosexual, homosexual, BDSM, and multiple partners, and the occasional Amimagus or two. In my writing all (definitely fictitious) characters are above the age of consent, whether in the real world (18 yrs. where I am), 16 years in the UK, or in the Wizarding World (16/17 yrs). If you are uncomfortable with this or bothered by it, or it is against the laws of where you are---then GO someplace else. This is NOT the a place for you. If you are open-minded enough AND of age to venture in, then welcome.

Constructive criticism is welcome but flames are ignored, and your IP address will be logged. I check age statements and activity on requestor's journals, so if you try to lie or deceive, karma will get you!!

All Harry Potter characters are the sole property of she who created this world--J.K. Rowling. We bow to her for the initial spark. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit to be made, except that of appreciation from readers and those viewing any of my associated art. Anything and anyone you do not recognize from her canon universe is mine alone. I promise to always give the characters back, tidied and in one piece, when I am done with them, though they may be exhausted and satiated when I am done playing. *grin*

To join this comm, send a request in the usual manner and after I have verified you are of legal age (checking the full date of birth posted on your active account) I will friend you and notify you of such. After which, you will be welcomed with virtual open arms. What? You haven’t clicked that button yet? And why not…??

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